How to Organize a Baby Shower ?

Your friend is pregnant and you just have no idea how to prepare a baby shower ?

1. Choose a nice theme

  • Select it on our website

2. Choose the right date

  • The baby shower is held 6 or 8 weeks before the due date.
  • Personalize the invitation
  • Do not exceed 10 or 15 friends
  • Give/send the invitation 2 weeks before to the baby shower
  • Ask them an answer 1 week before the D-date

Before starting your invitation, ask you few questions ?

  • When is the party going to be?
  • Where is the party going to be?
  • How long will it last?

3. Prepare the decorations

Start to order here
Few days later, you will have all the invitations, decoration, …
Prepare the DIY with your friends !

4. Let’s go shop some nice food & drink or bake !

  • Make the food theme oriented, too!
    • Candy, cake, brownies, baby shower cake, fruits, cupcakes…
      Nice cocktail and mocktail or fresh juices
  • Make sure you have enough. It’s always better to have more than not enough. At least, you will eat candy during one week after the baby shower !
  • Prepare a buffet with our nice tips and decorations

Have a nice party with your friends !