How to Organize a Birthday Party ?

Your kid has his birthday this month and you just hate organize party or you don’t have idea to make it fun… To avoid to have the 5th party in the local bowling, let’s do it at home !

1. Choose a nice theme with your child

  • Select it on our website : carnival, circus, pirates, princess, cowboys,… basics themes always work.

2. Choose the right date

  • Personalize the invitation
  • Do not exceed 10 or 15 kids
  • Give/send the invitation 2 weeks before to the parents
  • Ask them an answer 1 week before the D-date

Before starting your invitation, ask you few questions ?

  • When is the party going to be?
    • Make sure there are no girl scouts or work meetings
  • Where is the party going to be?
  • How long will it last? Put the start and end times, 2 or 3 hours seems good
  • Should they bring something as a swimsuit ?
  • Who is invited ? Only the kids ? Kids and parents ?
  • Give to the parents your telephone number and ask them theirs in case of emergency
Birthday-Circus Party-Invitation 15*15
Birthday-Circus Party-Invitation 15*15

3. Prepare the decorations


Start to order here
Few days later, you will have all the invitations, decoration, …
Prepare the DIY with your child, he/she will love it !



4. Let’s go shop some nice food & drink or bake !

  • Make the food theme oriented, too!
    • Candy, cake, brownies, birthday cake, fruits, cupcakes…
      Finger sandwiches, hot dog, pizza, hamburger…
      Juices, CocaCola, Sprite, Ice tea, lemonade… and water
  • Make sure you have enough. It’s always better to have more than not enough. At least, you will eat candy during one week after the birthday !
  • Prepare a buffet with our nice tips and decorations

5. Plan some games

  • Conduct a scavenger hunt with theme-related clues and a final prize
  • Don’t be afraid to go super simple
  • You can suggest a DIY activities : print t-shirts, simple masks, jewelry, fishing rods, …
  • You can install a swimming pool outside
  • Organize a sport game : football match…