Yummy ! A Chistmas Cake !

A big thank you to Carolyn who shares her recipe for delicious Christmas Cake! Ingredients 500g of mixed dried grapes 8 diced candied orange (or mixed fruit) 1 grated apple the zest of a lemon and an orange 5cl of Whiskey or Cognac 135g of butter 125g of brown sugar 150g of flour 1 pinch of salt 200g Almond powder 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 mixture … Continue reading Yummy ! A Chistmas Cake !

Birthday – Circus Party

For the birthday party of your kid, organize a great “Circus Party” ! If you don’t know how to do it, read our advices ! Celine creates a great range of invitations, accessories for photobooth, background for the photo booth, frame to have a nice souvenir of his/her birthday… Some ideas of decoration you can create for a great “Circus Party” : pop corn, sweet candy, pomme … Continue reading Birthday – Circus Party